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Twist nail

Twist nail

The twist shank nails are perfectly suitable for fill flat wooden pallet,so it is also called pallet nails.They are also used for wooden packing cases and various flooring.Because the surface of the twist,the twist shank nails provide the most robust connection strength. It is best suited for nailing the floor boards and other wooden structures that require high strength at connected nodes. 

Twist nail Specifications

Product NameTwisted Nail,Common Twisted Nail,Screw Nail
Type of ShankTwisted Shank,Screw Shank
Type of PointDiamond Point, Needle Point
Type of HeadFlat Head,Round Head
Surface TreatmentGalvanized,Boiled Black,Polished,Coated
Shank Diameter1.30mm-5.50mm
Overall Length13.00mm-160mm
ApplicationThe product is mainly used for felt pad,building construction, decoration field, wooden furniture, electrical components, households.
Package Description100pcs/box,20boxes/carton;25kg/carton;Can Pallet. Or according to customers' requests.

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