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Learn to practice enlightenment nineteen

August, 07 2017 Updated

As long as we firmly believe in, work hard, advocate hard work, tackle hardships, overcome difficulties and climb upwards, we will certainly be able to complete the great Long March of the new era and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Nineteen big report of the wind blowing warmth. There are always many words, stirring in the heart, resulting in a lot of emotion; there are always many verses, drawing thought, in my heart have deep waves; there are always many vision, people are full of yearning, marching forward Drums, towards the new journey.

Nineteen reports: Do not forget the beginning, keep in mind the mission

Nine reports begin with meaning: Do not forget the beginning, keep in mind the mission. The struggling history of the Chinese Communist Party has precipitated the process of growing a small political party from weak to strong and from naive to mature. Do not forget the beginning, that is, can not forget where to start, why departure, who departure. It contains the spiritual power of a nation "where it comes from and where it goes", valuing history and teaching ideology and leading the resumption of the new era. Qianfan race, cast action, tempering the Chinese nation to continue forward, the implementation of the Chinese dream of the great historic mission.

Nineteenth report: the second round of land contract extension of another 30 years

The Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China played a role in the reform of rural areas. The implementation of the household contract responsibility system with remuneration linked to output of peasants has not changed for 30 years. Farmers, agriculture, rural areas, glow unprecedented productivity. Farmers' enthusiasm for production has risen to an unprecedented level, and agriculture has moved toward commercialization and specialization. Not only has food and clothing been solved, but a great deal of surplus labor force has entered the cities and created more social and economic values. Now the first round of land contract expires, nineteen reports in this sentence: to maintain the stability of the land contract and long-term change, the second round of land contract expires for another 30 years. No doubt let the peasants friends eat reassurance. Fertile land will be full of vigor and vitality, usher in another spring of rural development. Just as the peasant friends who watched the report of the 19th National Congress said: This remark is really timely, when it comes to our heart. Heart set, the root set, as long as the sleeve up his sleeve, it will be able to create a wealthy new life.

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