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Concrete Welded Mesh

Concrete Welded Mesh

Welded mesh reinforcement bars are from 3 to 40 mm diameter, located in mutually perpendicular direction and forming a square or rectangular shape mesh. Reinforcing mesh opening size ranging from 50 mm to 250 mm . Distinguish heavy reinforcing mesh (diameter rods of 12 mm and above) and light meshes (the diameter of the rods from 3mm up to 16mm).

Concrete Welded Mesh Specifications

Diameter: reinforcing rebar Ø 3 - 16 mm
reinforcing rebar wire distance: 100, 150 , 200, 250, 300 , 400 and 500mm
The most popular welded reinforcing mesh with mesh 50×50 , 100×100 , 150×150 , 200×200 mm.
Mesh sheet width: 0.5m - 2.4m, length 1m - 12m.
The most popular mesh size: 2m×6m, ,6m×2.2m,6m×2.4m,5.8m×2.2m,2m×3m, 2m×4m

The reinforcing steel mesh has become an integral component of reinforced concrete structures and is used to enhance them.

  • Mesh reinforcement for the foundation, In the civil and industrial construction special attention and increased demands placed on the quality of the foundation, because it depends on the operational safety and durability of structures.
  • Masonry reinforcement mesh - the most popular type of wire mesh . It is referred to the building grid and used as a reinforcing element in the construction of reinforced concrete and masonry buildings. Masonry reinforcement mesh increases the strength of the structure and quality of plastering work. For the manufacture of masonry reinforcement wire mesh used steel wire diameter of 3 to 5 mm. The mesh size ranges from 50 mm to 250 mm.
  • Mesh reinforcement for the floor. This mesh is packaged in roll form. It is very convenient for delivery, because the diameter of the wire used is relatively small. The length of such a mesh size not more than two meters, which facilitates its transportation.
  • Reinforcement mesh used in road works to strengthen the road surface. This mesh is made from stainless steel with diameter of 3mm, 4mm, or 5mm. Its composition with low carbon content allows qualitatively strengthen road terrain. The reinforcing road mesh is the most cost-effective option for construction and repair of roads, bridges, and large industrial plants. Usually, road mesh opening in sizes 50×50 mm, 100×100 mm, 125×125 mm, 150×150 mm. Its sheet sizes may be 1.5×2m, 2×3m, 2×6m.
  • Trench mesh is long, narrow sheets of rebar welded mesh, ideally sizes for trenches, paths or other narrow spaces. Its longitudinal wires (main wire ) from 7.6mm up to 15.6 mm diameter, and cross wire in 4mm or 4.77mm diameter. Trench rib mesh all comes 6.0m length.

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