Cut wire

its use not only saves labor power and material resources, but also reduces some waste, so it is a preferred product for construction industry.

Cut wire Specifications

Material :Q195 annealed steel wire, black wire. Galvanized wire, etc
Wire diameter :0.03mm - 4mm
Variety :hard wire, soft wire
Size :20# or 21# wire with the length of 250mm - 600mm
Color :green,black,red,yellow,golden,silver,white
Product state classfication :super hard and bright (MTS around 1800MPa)
middle hard and bright (MTS around 1200MPa)
soft-atate(MTS around 800MPa)
package :0.02mm-0.8mm of wire can be plastic spooled by ABS-DN160.each spool is around 7kg;0.8mm -4mm od wire can be coiled, range from 30-60kgs

Cut wire Product Image

Cut wire

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