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How to Measuring Wire Cloth

January, 16 2009 Updated
A:Space Cloth identifies the open area between the parallel wires.
B:Mesh Count identified as the number of openings per linear inch.

Mesh count can be shown as either a whole number, fraction, or as two numbers unless the material is a specialty cloth called space cloth - each item is described below:

  • Whole Number or Fraction
    Mesh Count is identified as the distance from center to center of the parallel wires horizontally and vertically.
  • Space Cloth
    This material is measured by the actual open space between parallel wires, known as clear opening, space size, or open area.
  • Two Numbers (Example: 2 x 2 )
    Mesh Count is identified by the number of actual openings per linear inch horizontally and vertically.
Mesh Calculation:
Mesh = 1 / (wire diameter + opening)
Open area = (opening x mesh)² x 100

= (1 - (wire diameter x mesh)² x 100mesh
= (1 - (wire diameter x mesh))² x 100
Opening = (1 / # wires per inch) - (wire diameter)

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