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Installation of Razor Wire Mesh

July, 14 2012 Updated


The absence of a fence or other structures on the perimeter protects the territory does not preclude the use of concertina razor barrier. In the absence of a fence or other structure can be mounted directly on the razor wire surface using light-gauge and special brackets - all the preparation and assembly quality and prompt implementation.

For safety it might be sufficient to establish a large-diameter spiral razor wire (1350-1500 mm) and sections (5-6 mm) razor wire concertina. This is enough to create a formidable obstacle of razor wire fence.

In case when mounting concertina razor wire along the ground using spiral security barrier Razor small diameter, it is placed in several rows of the pyramid, which makes it difficult to overcome this obstacle.

If you need razor wire fences for installation of a spiral in several rows, use additional metal with U-shaped, V-shaped cross-shaped and brackets. At such a design can be mounted spiral razor wire security barrier and flat razor wire security barrier.

To enhance the protective functions of barbed wire razor, we can use the V-shaped brackets that allow you to place two set coils razor wire concertina on top, with the slope on either side barriers, which will greatly enhance the design.

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