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Earthquake relief, create love monument

June, 13 2010 Updated

"4.14" Yushu earthquake, sudden natural disasters destroyed their homes and lives of countless compatriots. In the affected areas, a self-help, mutual help, the story of the rescue, constantly hitting our chest. These stories inspire us, as long as we simply tough to live as long as we do not give up, do not abandon hope, on the front.
A difficult one, P Plus assistance, Yushu earthquake disaster has deeply touched the hearts of the majority at five star ltd employees. The earthquake occurred actively organize company earthquake donations to the general staff, an expression of patriotic fervor and participation in the window of the earthquake relief, expressing the most intense care for people in disaster areas.

Disaster, it is another way to inspire our patriotic enthusiasm. The public of those queuing up to donate, those college students roll up their sleeves and gave blood, those volunteers to the disaster area, including all those who always pay attention to the disaster, the people pray for the disaster area, are written in whatever way the most powerful patriotic characters. Plenary at five start real action of the employees through their own contributions, to express the strong patriotic enthusiasm of the hands of unlimited care to disaster victims and sincere best wishes. Our contributions to an early departure from the suffering earthquake victims rebuild their homes with the help of some our biggest wish!

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