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Crimped Mesh Sides Style

Crimped Mesh Sides Style

Crimped Wire Mesh can be also known as the iron crimped mesh, stainless steel crimped mesh, black iron crimped mesh according to different materials.
Crimped Wire Mesh is made in a variety of materials through crimping mesh machine, a kind of universal wire products with square or rectangular openings.

Crimped Mesh Sides Style Description

1.Standard Hooks:
Usually for wires 6.3mm and heavier.

2.Hooks With Welded Inserts:
The insert is usually between 1.6mm to 3mm thick.

3.Standard Hook Strips:
(Or reinforced Hooked Edges)
Generally the reinforcement is 1.25mm galvabond but stainless steel can also be used. Canvas or rubber inserts for finer meshes can be supplied. This type of hook strip usually fitted to 6.3mm and lighter.

4.Double Fold:
From galvabond or stainless steel to securely hold fine wire meshes.

5.Knuckled Edges:
A simple form of edge construction sometimes used for meshes woven from wire 6.3mm and heavier.

6.Welded Edges:
A variant of the knuckled edge but not recommended for modern high tensile wire

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