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Brad Nail

Brad Nail

Brad nails use a series production process, the regular arrangement of nail monomer for effective integration, integration through a special adhesive glue, forming a one-piece arrangement of fixed regular nails.
From 45 # mild steel T-shaped object. One end has a flat head, the other end of the sharp, shank diameter 2.2 ¢, sticking together by the glue, mainly from fixed connection decorative role, but also can be used for hanging objects, instead of using the ST 64 using pneumatic nail gun smashed with a hammer.

Brad Nail Specifications

Dia :1.17 mm - 4 mm

Gauage :15 GA - 18 GA

Material:low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, Galvanization, copper or brass wire.
Shank Dia:

1.25 mm - 3.1 mm


14 mm - 65 mm

Brad Nail Image

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