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Standard Expanded Metal

Standard Expanded Metal

Standard Expanded Metal has  round, rectangular, square, triangle, hexagonal, diamond, lightly pull scale, cross, slotted and special patterns to get special decoration results.
The product has the advantages of resistant to acid, alkali, abrasion, pressure and bending. The mesh surface is flat and artistic with high brightness.

Standard Expanded Metal Specifications

1 Model Name:  Expanded Metal

2 Material:Aluminum, Aluminum alloy,iron,stainless steel

3 Hole patterns:Diamond, Arc holes, Hexagonal holes, Fish scales hole etc

4 Thickness:0.5-5mm

5 Width: 3 m MAX

6 LWD: 300mmMAX,SWD: 120mmMAX

7 Surface treatment: powder coating, baking varnish, painting, anodic oxidation, PVDF ,etc.

8Application: normally used as curtain wall of museum,Cultural Center,the Flagship Store of super grade

 products,Luxury Hotel and Commercial Office Building,etc.

Standard Expanded Metal Image

Standard Expanded Metal-01Standard Expanded Metal-02

Standard Expanded Metal-03Standard Expanded Metal-04

Standard Expanded Metal-05Standard Expanded Metal-06

Standard Expanded Metal-07Standard Expanded Metal-08

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